What Defines CrossFit Equis?

Our Goal For The Community: We believe in leading our members down a path of lifelong health & wellness. CrossFit Equis proudly stands by its community in providing a fitness program which emphasizes empathy and inclusion. Though we teach the community as one, we value the needs of the individual.

Our Pursuit Towards Excellence: We believe in achieving excellence on a daily basis. Our coaches deliver invaluable knowledge with passion. CrossFit Equis is committed  to building a strong foundation in the basics of CrossFit, which gradually allows members to increase their strength and skills across all areas of fitness.

Our Measure of Success: We believe in the fitness journey of each of our members. Our coaches have the ability to customize any workout to fit the specific needs of each individual. We measure our success not by the volume of work achieved, but by the enthusiasm, effort, and intensity our members bring to class each and every day. This ensures that results can be fulfilled, not just today, this week, or next month, but for years to come.


Let’s talk about how we can help you meet your goals!

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