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“CrossFit Equis proudly stands by its community in providing a fitness program which emphasizes empathy and inclusion.”

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The idea of CrossFit Equis was born in the Summer of 2016. After spending some time training together, Coaches Jose Vanderpool and Glenn Saenz recognized that they both had ambitions to help others achieve optimal fitness via the functionality of a CrossFit regimen. They knew most Bronx natives were aware of other high-intensity fitness programs, such as interval training, boxing and bootcamp classes. But in their eyes, CrossFit as a strength and conditioning program was still building its name in The Bronx. Jose and Glenn knew they had the skill level, attention to detail, and passion necessary to be a true, driving force in helping the community. CrossFit Equis is marking its spot for quality fitness in The Bronx to improve your overall quality of life.


What Defines CrossFit Equis?

Our Goal For The Community: We believe in leading our members down a path of lifelong health & wellness. CrossFit Equis proudly stands by its community in providing a fitness program which emphasizes empathy and inclusion. Though we teach the community as one, we value the needs of the individual.

Our Pursuit Towards Excellence: We believe in achieving excellence on a daily basis. Our coaches deliver invaluable knowledge with passion. CrossFit Equis is committed to building a strong foundation in the basics of CrossFit, which gradually allows members to increase their strength and skills across all areas of fitness.

Our Measure of Success: We believe in the fitness journey of each of our members. Our coaches have the ability to customize any workout to fit the specific needs of each individual. We measure our success not by the volume of work achieved, but by the enthusiasm, effort, and intensity our members bring to class each and every day. This ensures that results can be fulfilled, not just today, this week, or next month, but for years to come.

Qualified Professionals

Our coaches


Jose Vanderpool Jr

Jose Vanderpool Jr

Head Coach/Co-Owner

Glenn Saenz

Glenn Saenz


Jennifer Gomez

Jennifer Gomez

General Manager/Coach

Kevin Gonzalez

Kevin Gonzalez


CrossFit Equis

House Rules


1. Park your ego on the street

The stresses of a long workday or the fact that things happen in life that can affect your mood before arriving to class. If a coach or Team member is relaying important information, listen. If a coach removes weights from your barbell or modifies any part of the WOD, it’s for a reason. If a coach is assessing the quality of our movement it is his/her duty to enforce the standards. Please be respectful of this and try not to take it personal. Our priority is your safety and proper development. You may disagree at times however we are fitness professionals with plenty of experience. You came to us for a reason so just let us serve you!

2. Let the coaches coach

We understand you’re excited about CrossFit, so are we. We know you like to share tips with your fellow peers about fitness or just excited to get those Burpees going. We get it. However, if you are talking over the coach or distracted while the coach is teaching you may not absorb the information accurately. Many times you will have questions that may have already been answered or asked. Deterring away from the flow can cut time from us delivering a good overall fitness experience from everyone. Be attentive and trust your coaches it’s what you’re paying for so you don’t have to worry. If you don’t agree with something you’re asked to do wait until after class to discuss the situation. Our coaches are always willing to answer your questions.

3. Respect yourself and others

We will not tolerate hateful commentary towards others nor will we stop people from expressing their opinions – whether we agree with them or not. By fostering a family-oriented environment that is welcoming and respectful, our expectation is that we all keep an open mind and be proud of the diversity of our box. Ultimately, the fact is that when we are getting results, learning something new, enjoying the people around us and having fun, we know we are on the right track as a business.

4. Take care of YOUR equipment

Yes, YOUR equipment. We purchased all these cool toys for YOU. Make sure to clean up after yourselves. This means using our spray stations to disinfect equipment, excessive chalk prints or sweat puddles. If you need help returning equipment ask and likewise help others in order to maintain cleanliness through the gym. In the event where blood is present, please alert a staff member or Coach for assistance.

5. Leave no one behind

We can’t stress this enough. Just because you are done with your workout doesn’t mean it’s time to go ( unless family or work duty calls). Although you may have your own personal goals that may differ from your classmates, all of you workout together. We were all once beginners and at some point have needed or will need that extra push. No one likes the feeling of being chosen last for kickball but you can change that by helping someone through a tough physical or mental challenge. Be selfless.

6. Wear proper training attire

In order for you to be comfortable in the gym with your movements, you have to invest in proper gym attire. Consider variables like weather or the type of workout you’re going to do. Purchase clothing that reacts well to sweat and moisture. Included in this category are highly recommended cross-training shoes. Our job is not to tell you what to wear however please be mindful that although this is a private business you are training in public space. Show what is only appropriate! Shirtless workouts are allowed. If you’re uncomfortable with this particular rule we can discuss this in private.

7. You pay good money not to CHEAT

Shortcuts. They are easier to follow and sometimes can save you time possibly even money. Not here! Don’t let yourself be influenced by quick-fix solutions to your workouts. Not only will this create inaccuracies with your data, which helps us make you better, but cheating can also create a bad judge of character. Don’t be THAT person. Do the work and you will earn the results. We all know cheating is wrong. Just when you think no one is looking, they are. The Coaches will notice but ultimately it’s up to you to do the right thing.


Take ownership of your goals and progress. In order to claim certain skills and feats of strength, you must work at with consistency. This takes time. Your body will adapt each time you continue to try your hardest. This means that you should be taking your training seriously. This also does NOT mean you should be “pushing” through pain ( Refer to Rule #1) in order to complete a workout. Building mental fortitude is part of the journey. It is better to continuously try even if you fall short than to just give up. Be relentless in the pursuit of your own personal growth.

9. Be prepared for class

We mean this in its entirety. Being prepared for class means being PRESENT mentally as well as physically. Be responsible by staying informed and seeking knowledge. Peeping at the workout is one way to ensure you know what’s coming and what type of equipment or apparel you may need to have readily available. This includes wrist wraps, knee sleeves, running shoes, and a water bottle. In fact, you can also enjoy a better workout if you know how to eat for the day based on the workout. Lastly come prepared to FOCUS on the task at hand by coming in with a virtuous “get it done” mentality.

10. Personal property

Here at CrossFit Equis, we love hosting you beautiful people for workouts and such but not your sweaty stuff! It’s important to make sure you’re accountable for all your personal belongings. By placing your bags, sweaters, coats, etc, in the properly designed storage area you can rest assured your stuff won’t get lost or damaged. Daily use lockers are available for this. This means you are NOT to leave ANY sweaty apparel behind overnight. If there rental lockers available you may leave certain items there just as long as it’s clean. Lose your favorite shaker bottle or sock? Check the lost and found FIRST before panicking. If any valuables or anything of the sort has been lost please speak to the front desk or any staff member present.


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